New IT Trailer Really Wants To Make Sure You Fear ALL Clowns

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Creepy Ass Red Luft Balloons

You may have heard that there’s a new movie coming out based off of Stephen King’s terrifying book, IT. May have seen the first teaser, which, while unsettling, didn’t give much to sink your teeth into. You may have even seen some images that made your skin crawl, and ask aloud “hey, is that that one kid from Stranger Things”. Well, if you were watching the MTV Movie & TV Awards*, then you may have seen the latest trailer for IT, which is less a trailer, and more an extended look at one particular scene. I’d usually pick nits about that, except, this one snippet was more effective in freaking me right the hell out than the original trailer. 

The latest trailer does a great job of showcasing some character interaction between some of The Losers Club, which is really the backbone of IT to begin with. It’s not terribly difficult to root for kids to fend off a demonic clown, but as you’ll hear in the narration, it’s their friendship, their bond that makes defeating him even possible. Those relationships NEED to come across on screen, and thank goodness they do, even in this little taste.

Welp. Screw sewers. Screw the suburbs, balloons can fuck right off. Yup, i’m done with all of it. Except for on September 8th, when i’ll have my ass planted firmly in a theater seat, trying not to let out a high pitched shriek or three. The Pennywise design may be to immediately unsettling, which is a far cry from both the book and the TV movie that spawned so many nightmares, but there’s something I like (see: am terrified of) about him just kind of standing there, knowing you’re afraid, while not changing his face. I’m in. How about you?

*They changed the name since they really just make up whatever awards they want to give out on the fly any damn way.

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