Come to MYSTIC for the Aquarium, Stay for the Murdah

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You Got Your Twin Peaks in My Riverdale

“Who killed Bridget Ashling?”

That’s the driving question behind Mystic, the budding web-series taking place in the real town of Mystic, CT. Known to most in the region its aquarium and proximity to more casually “fun” cities like Boston and New York. It’s tucked away on the coast, boasting the kind of Americana and New England living you can only see in a Norman Rockwell painting, or the slow moments of a Stephen King novel. That’s what makes the first homicide in over a decade (according to the show) so troubling. “This doesn’t happen here”. 

Mystic, clearly taking cues from the likes of Twin Peaks, The Killing and more recently Riverdale, is built on a foundation of mystery and unease. There’s never a moment in the pilot where you’re completely sure of what’s happening or who to trust. Even the cops investigating the murder operate in the same shades of grey that seem to engulf the town. The fog is coming in off of the water just in time to hide most people’s true intentions.

Throughout the pilot we’re introduced to shady members of the clergy, a “ghost” that gets a little handsy, an aunt that goes from supportive to seducing (to her own niece mind you) and a crying painter. It’s all so strange and engaging. Whether or not the story threads truly come together, remains to be seen, but the team behind Mystic have said there are more than 30 episodes written.

Mystic is still trying to find a home as a web-series, so we only have the Pilot episode to go off of, which is likely to be changed quite a bit. That said, there is a solid premise and plenty of intrigue here.  Murder in a sleepy town may not be completely novel, but you drop the R’s off your words and ramp up the esoteric, topless conversations, and you’ll gain some attention.

You can find more about Mystic over on their Facebook page.

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