DEATH WISH Trailer is Poetry for the Tone Deaf

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Because There Was Almost NO WAY They’d Get This Right

Which is to say, they were almost certainly going to get this wrong. Film has always been a reflection of society. In some way or another, whether as overt and subtle as a sledgehammer (looking at you Elysium) or only letting it’s satirical merits show until much later, like Starship Troopers. Then there are movies like the upcoming Death Wish remake, which i’ve already stated “doesn’t really need to exist” and not because remakes are inherently evil, but because Death Sentence told this story as best you could in the modern climate, and that was 10 years ago. Yet, here we are.

You never want to judge a movie too harshly just from one trailer, but there is so much here to unpack. The visual of a middle aged white man, wearing a grey hoodie, turning to vigilante justice is truly unsettling. Especially in light of what that image has come to mean to many in relation to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Yes, Luke Cage turned that same image into one of heroism, but it directly addressed why that article of clothing could be looked at as simultaneously a beacon of hope and harbinger of doom. Death Wish appears to miss that point completely. Revenge flicks have their place. I love the John Wick movies specifically because, at their core, they’re simple revenge movies. Death Wish appears to be taking a stance it either isn’t ready for, or doesn’t even realize it’s doing. Making matters worse, it looks like this is the first film Bruce Willis will actually be conscious for in over a decade.

Death Wish will be in theaters in November, brought to you by torture porn extraordinaire, Eli Roth and just in time for your racist uncle to tell you how awesome it is over Thanksgiving dinner.

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