New Punisher Trailer: High on Headshots, Low on Release Date

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All That I See. Absolute Horror.

Far and away, the best part of Daredevil season 2 was Jon Bernthal’s portrayal as Frank Castle. Family man and military vet turned murderous vigilante, known as The Punisher. His depiction of the character was so well received that a solo series was announced almost immediately after the season debuted on Netflix. It’s been a bit of a wait since that announcement, as Marvel and Netflix already had a few plates spinning to get The Defenders off the ground. With that out-of-the-way, we can catch up with Frank, and this new full length trailer lets us know, we’re in for a bloody affair. Oh, and there’s the requisite Metallica song in the background.

Right away, you can see The Punisher is going for a visceral experience. There’s a point-blank headshot in the first 10 seconds. Franks wife no less, which is kind of rarity on TV or in cinema. So, if you like your violence, gritty and gratuitous, boy are you in for a treat come…well we don’t know exactly. Netflix has been kind of mum on when The Punisher will actually premiere on their streaming service. The only portion of the date we’re allowed to see is 2017, but if I were a betting man, I think they pull a Beyoncé and surprise drop the series sometime before Stranger Things in October. Frank Castle is back, and God help anyone he decides is worthy of punishment.

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