Guns (And Houses) Are Ablazing in New Red Dead Redemption II Story Trailer

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There Are Plenty of Guns in the Valley

Last October, Rockstar Games got everyone all in a tizzy when they teased the return on their other beloved franchise, Red Dead Redemption. After a few days of cryptic tweets, beginning with a blood-red sky and their logo, we were given a release date…for a trailer. Then there was the initial teaser, which placed the sequel, Red Dead Redemption II, as a fall 2017 release. Other than the sad, but expected announcement this past May, that the game would be delayed until Spring 2018, there has been almost nothing from Rockstar, until now. The first fulRed Dead Redemption trailer has hit the streets, and it shows a beautiful tapestry of pasture, bandits, and hot fyah!

The first takeaway from this Red Dead Redemption II trailer, other than how gorgeous it looks, is how there wasn’t a defined “hero”. Even in the first trailer for RDD, John Marston’s allegiances were left vague, if not more noble. Mostly telling in the final line of the trailer. In this trailer, the man who appears to be our main protagonist, Mr. Morgan, appears revel in his dastardly ways. There’s still plenty to be revealed, but in this early going, it looks like we’ll be playing as the less bad guy in this game as opposed to a man on a path to redemption. Again, speculating here.

I want this game. I want it, in and around my body. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed anything beyond the spring 2018 release, specifically in that first fiscal quarter, so at the earliest, just after April 1. Which would have it releasing almost ten years to the day after Red Dead Redemption. 

Red Dead Redemption II is slated for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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