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Finding true passion in this day and age is a rarity; being able to feel passion, maybe even more so. I am lucky enough to have a few passions; writing and most things nerdy being in the top tier of these passions. I couldn't have been older than three or four the first time I had an original Nintendo controller put into my hands and that was probably my first love. Things just spiraled up from there and my love continued to grow throughout the years. The adoration of anime began with Sailor Moon back when I was in elementary school, rushing home to watch the last twenty minutes while knowing that missing the first ten was inevitable. It was still worth it every time. Wanderlust for such things only increased over the years. I wanted a hand in practically anything having to do with the nerd culture; from Pokemon and Pokemon cards down to Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. There was no regrets and no turning back. My love of writing honestly goes beyond passion and stems more into madness. It began as soon as I knew enough to be able to string letters and then words together and never stopped. The more my knowledge grows, so follows the incessant hunger to share what I know. And thus...we ended up here today.